Vee puts the user in complete control of their social experience. They choose what to view, when to participate and who can engage with them. They will not be tracked or followed online – our technology guarantees this.

Internet/Digital privacy refers to how much personal, financial and browsing information remains private when you’re online.

This has become a growing worry, and almost all social-network applications gather, hold and use personal data and browsing habits. They then sell the data and information to advertisers. It is impossible to use these applications without being subject to loss privacy and the monetisation of user data. Moves are being made to limit the exploitation of personal information, but the pace of change is very slow.

Vee users will not be tracked or followed online. Our secure technology guarantees this.


Vee is built on a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform, which uses a Blockchain architecture. This is “decentralised” technology. In other words, user data and information is not held in databases owned and control by ourselves, and so privacy and security are guaranteed.

Only those placing information on a DLT can choose who else can have access to that information.


The technology does not allow us (Vee) to access or control your personal data, and we will not follow and track your online activities. Users can compete and interact with as many other Vee users as they wish, but you will always be doing it with total privacy and absolute security.

As a Vee user, the decision on how much personal information is provided to anyone else in the Vee community: another user, a brand or an influencer, will always be their choice, never ours.


The Filechain DLT we are using does not have any native crypto-currency, and it requires only normal resources to operate. Entire Filechain applications can easily be run on a laptop PC.

Vee will never use technologies which require extreme power consumption for any part of its operation, and/or which are not fully compliant with UK and various international environmental regulations.

We will be careful to ensure that none of the challenges on Vee are in any way harmful to the environment, and that the health and safety of our users and all members of the public are our paramount consideration.

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